Roswell New Mexico Fan Speculation: Isobel is Tess!

It’s my first blog post here, and I think it apropos that I begin with one of my favorite subjects….


Like many viewers of the re-imagined Roswell: New Mexico, I was a huge fan of the original WB show.

Max and Liz were couple goals, and none of the teen boys in my life ever measured up. The original, starring Shiri Appleby (Liz) and Jason Behr (Max), explored human/alien interaction and love in a small town called Roswell. The original was based one of the many pioneering ‘page to TV screen’ serials of its time.

Roswell: New Mexico, some say, is a closer version to the books than the original of 1999-2000. It explores human/alien relationship in a less pg13 zone, and touches on social issues of America 2019. The first episode saw Liz trying to hook up with Kyle Valenti in his car, Isobel playing kinky games with her husband, and Max and Micheal having sex with their appropriate partners. And while my dear little heart died to see Max and Liz so far apart, anyone who’s a die hard fan knows that heartache and longing is a frustrating part of what made Liz and Max work.

The first 3 episodes launched the mysterious ties that bind the Royal 3 (Max, Isobel and Michael), Liz and her dead sister Rosa together. What relationship does Max and Liz have and why is Max so tethered to her? Did Isobel mind warp Liz into forgetting that relationship? My mind has gone into a tailspin after every episode. I’ll let you in on some of my theories below.

Speculation #1: Rosa was killed by Manes 


Meet Sergeant Jesse Manes, played by (One Life to live psycho Todd Manning) Trevor St. John. I can’t help but base my perceptions of his character based on earlier roles he’s played. Now I’m not saying he’s type casted, but ya guy does know how to do crazy. What if Sergeant Manes got Rosa to infiltrate the Roswell bunch due to his suspicions, they got close and carried on an affair. Episode 3 saw Isobel hearing Rosa mid mind warping Liz, [Why are you being like this? I thought we were friends] What if Rosa believed Manes, and so tried to keep Max and Liz apart when she hid Max’s love letter? But why go through all of that to hide said letter? Why not just burn it? Could she be trying to drop clues to her secret lover (Manes) just in case she died?

Manes has the means and motive to kill and cover up Rosa’s death if this speculation proved true.


Theory #2: Death by Alien****** Spoilers ahead****


Courtney =Skins



Nicholas=skins trapped in prepubescence



Possessed by Max’s previous alien BFF (no jokes about probing)




If this version of Roswell uses some of the original plot, then this re-imagining might also play the aly vs enemy game. The original saw 3 types of alien counterparts (2 enemies to the throne) come to Roswell to exact revenge – the skins, Isobel’s lover Kavar and Max’s previous BFF who once in a while stole his boss’ body. But, one of the most insidious was the shape shifting frenemy Nasedo. I don’t want to go too in depth, but exploring other alien lifeforms would be a cool addition to the story.


Theory #3: Isobel is Tess 2.0

I’ve recently had this knock down drag out brawl about whether Tess would show up in this version of Roswell and then it occurred to me, Isobel is displaying some very Tess like powers. What if Max and Isobel aren’t twins but actual lovers from the past? Yes I know it’s crazy and before you sling any more accusations my way I’ve thought of it myself. But hear me out:

  1. Tess could make people see things that wasn’t there and force people to do what she wanted. Isobel’s powers were telekinesis, and dream surfing (so to speak). She could enter people’s dreams but she couldn’t make them do what she wanted in real life.
  2. Isobel is reacting way to strange to the idea of Max and Liz getting together. She basically hyperventilated while trying to explain to her husband that Max was ‘her person’. Even Michael commented on her reaction to Liz.


It’s been said that this run of the Roswell serial is a bit separate from the original. The show is still going, and will hopefully continue past its predecessor’s 3 season run. As for my theories, they could just be ramblings. Whatever happens I love watching and speculating! Do you?

Let me know in the comments if you agree or not. Hell, you could be way more informed than me, just come bearing evidence I can peruse as well.


Images courtesy of Roswell wikia